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Family Dental Care

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As your family grows, it's more convenient to have one dentist who can treat all of you, regardless of age or dental needs. Dominic Tam, DMD, and the team at South Valley Dentistry in Chandler, Arizona, specialize in family dental care. They welcome patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, so you can feel confident that every family member is taken care of. Partner with a team the whole family will love. Call or book an appointment online today.

Family Dental Care Q & A

What is family dental care?

Family dental care is dental care for patients of all ages. Services typically include general dental care like twice-a-year dental exams and cleaning, cavity checks and treatment, and gum disease treatment, along with the specific dental needs you encounter as you mature from infancy to adulthood.

How does family dental care change throughout a lifetime?

To understand the services you can expect from a family dentist, here's a closer look at the typical dental needs of each age group.


Babies should first visit a dentist when they're 1 or have cut their first tooth. As their first teeth form, regular checkups make sure tooth development is on track and that there are no issues that could affect permanent teeth later on.


Childhood is a crucial time to get dental care right as it can instill a lifetime of positive behaviors. Children lose their first teeth and their permanent teeth come in, so cavity prevention is vital.


The teenage years are typically when orthodontic treatment starts to straighten misaligned permanent teeth. Teenagers are also susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities thanks to their diets and lifestyle habits.


During adulthood, it's important to maintain good dental hygiene and catch potential issues while they're easier to treat. Oral cancer, tooth loss, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems become more common as you age. 


People aged 65 and older are more likely to develop gum disease, root decay, and non-dental problems like diabetes, which can all affect your oral health. Many seniors also experience tooth loss and need dentures.

Why choose a family dentist over a general dentist?

The main difference between a family dentist and a general dentist is the training they go through. A family dentist has additional training in pediatric dentistry to treat children of all ages. Many general dentists treat only adults or teenagers.

A family dentist also has the advantage of treating patients through their lifetime, so they know their patient's health history and family history firsthand. This knowledge allows them to make informed decisions around treatment plans and quickly identify when something looks abnormal.

When you need a dentist for the whole family, choose South Valley Dentistry to take care of everyone, from young children to senior adults. Call or book your appointment online today.